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My Fiancé and I decided to book our Disc Jockey services with Rob Lester the owner of Steel City Spinners ( for our wedding in Arden, Ontario on October 1st , 2011. We had actually booked this cottage resort for a weekend for all of our family and friends.

Based on information we received from his website, we were led to believe this was a legitimate company offering credible music related services to residents of Ontario. I went ahead and created an account as specified and even hand picking close to 100 songs to be played over the course of the evening. Additionally, we included time lines and other specific details so that he would be more prepared when he arrived. All of this information was reviewed and confirmed via email and telephone by myself and Rob Lester over the course of several weeks.

I had placed numerous phone calls, the last being on Thursday, September 29th to follow up and make sure he had directions and other last minute details to make his trip easier. When we spoke, Rob seemed very excited about our event and indicated that he would be there later in the afternoon to setup his equipment.

On October 1st, I was informed approximately an hour and a half before our wedding that our Disc Jockey had not arrived and I began making frantic calls to his cell phone to try and reach him. He did not pick up nor did he return any of my calls or messages on that day or any other since our wedding.

My Fiance and I took choreographed dance lessons for our first song and spent weeks rehearing for the big day. He was also scheduled to play a special song for my "bride to be" at the start of the ceremony as she walked down towards gazebo by the lake to meet me. There was music to be played during the cocktail hour and over our catered dinner session. He was also scheduled to provide music for dancing which was to take place over the course of the evening. Not only did he not show up, he actually cost me an additional $75.00 for the appetizers and plate of food we had prepared for him.

I cannot express the disappointment my bride, family and friends dealt with on that day/evening. A Disc Jockey is an incredibly important part of this life altering event and this company and owner, Rob Lester left us hanging with absolutely no options. I cannot express the anxiety I was going through wondering if this person would show up and this is definitely something you do not want to deal with 5 minutes before you're about to get married. I even postponed the event for almost 20 minutes just in case there was the slim chance he was running late or had bad cell service and couldn't return my call.

I urge each and everyone considering Steel City Spinners (Rob Lester) as their DJ to read this information careful and rethink your decision. We were left in such an awkward position that I"˜m absolutely compelled now to share this so that it never happens again to anyone looking for this type of service.

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hope your wife wasn't to upset to get on her knees and gave u a rim job. i'd divorce her if she didn't


Actually, he indicated to me that gas was included in the price. I gave him every opportunity to ask for more funds if needed and he insisted that his price included his time, travel and equipment. I told him that dinner and drinks would be on us and that he would have a place to stay if he needed it at no additional cost.


Maybe u didn't offer to pay for gas or something. I've heard of that happening.

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